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Rec.Gambling.Poker RGPFor a few years Rec.Gambling.Poker was the poker community's main Internet newsgroup. About the time of the poker boom RGP sadly descended into the abyss of mean-spirited negativity, and no longer isn't worth putting time into anymore, so this section is no longer being updated, but here are a few years of my RGP posts. (All posts were made prior to 2003, so some will sound dated given the poker world of today.)

The nature of a newsgroup is people post replies to the messages of others. This leads to a "thread". Some threads become quite long, spawning sub-threads, so many posts quote snippets from messages by others to give context to comments. I've left the original poster's posting identity intact for these snippets but deleted Email addresses. Quoting passages from other posts is allowed by "Fair Use" laws, but if anyone whose post is quoted wants their posting name deleted I'll do so if they Email from the account the message was posted from.

Posts are broken down by topic. Don't take the titles too literally... "Omaha tips" and "Omaha topics" are similar but I had to make multiple pages so the pages would not be too long. - Steve Badger Poker