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Poker Rules

Poker RulesHome games can make any sort of crazy poker rules they want. Casino card rooms also have a wide variety of quirky policies and unique structures. There are no such thing as "official rules of poker".

However, for the most part, game rules are fairly standard from one casino to another. Below are one in-depth, widely accepted set of rules. Taken altogether it is quite a lot of reading, but well worth it to anyone interested in becoming a winning poker player -- or winning an argument with your friends.

Make no mistake about it though, "poker rules" are entirely different than poker strategy or tactics. We aren't trying to "learn how to play poker badly". Once you understand the game playing rules, check out the strategy links at the left of this page, and the dozens of articles linked from those pages. Knowing the rules is only part of playing the game.

Also see How to Play Poker for hand rankings, etiquette and other basics plus Poker Games for descriptions of the main types of poker card games.

Basic Poker Rules - All Games
Texas Holdem Rules
Omaha High and High Low Rules
Seven Card Stud and Stud Eight or Better Rules
Draw and Jacks or Better Rules
Poker Tournament Rules
Razz Poker Rules
Lowball Rules
Cards Speak Rule

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