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Poker Starting Hands

Starting Hand Charts, Systems...

Many other articles on this site address starting hand issues, but these are the ones that most focus on the topic.

Training Wheels of Fortune
Learn to apply creative, logical thinking to poker, not parrot a starting hand chart

Texas Holdem Starting Hand Charts
Shortcuts... what seems like an aid makes things harder

Trouble Hands
"Trouble" is where profits are made

Loose Ends - Pocket Pairs
Avoiding the Texas Holdem pocket pair trap

Poker Betting - The Poker Bet
Importance of considering post-flop bet-ability when considering starting hands

Down in Value
Chronic weak-tight thinking leads to dreadful starting hand ideas

Playing AQ Before the Flop
Getting value from different types of hand.

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Texas Hold'em is a Post-Flop Game
A little discussion from an RGP thread, more here

Analysis of 37,787 Online Texas Holdem Hands
Not exactly the same topic as the rest here, but an RGP post about online poker starting cards
Poker Starting Hands
Poker Hand Nicknames
Some names for starting hand combinations

Omaha Myths
Debunking myths regarding Omaha HiLo including some about starting hands

Defense of an Omaha Point Count System
Frank Bowen reviews the Introduction to Omaha Strategy (which has a starting hand section) including his defense of a point system

Omaha Starting Hands
Discussion from RGP. Also more here and here.

Poker Hand Rankings
Offers a best to worst list for novices Poker