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The Poker Blinds

Playing the Blinds

First let's define some terms when using the poker jargon "blind":
1) Forced bets in community card games similar to the use of antes, but normally only required of two players rather than all players at the table
2) Small Blind: the smaller of two forced bets, usually 1/2 the minimum opening bet
3) Big Blind: the larger of two forced bets, usually equal to the minimum opening bet
4) Stealing the Blinds: make a raise on the opening betting round with the goal of winning the blind bets without any further action on the hand
5) Betting blind: betting without taking the option to look at the next card

Issues concerning the small and big blinds are generally much more important in Limit poker than in No Limit games, but no matter what the game structure, the blind bets are extremely important to consider when you make them and also when someone else is making them.

Here are several articles that focus on the importance of the blinds in both Texas Holdem and Omaha Holdem.

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