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Omaha Poker Game Strategies

While the "Texas" version is by far the most popular form of Holdem these days, Omaha Hold'em continues to be popular at both the higher and lower limits. While that may seem strange at first glance -- that the game is attractive to players at both ends of the spectrum while being less of a draw to players in the middle limits -- there are actually quite a few reasons for this, which the various articles touch on in several ways.

Omaha High Low Strategy
Omaha poker key strategies

Omaha Holdem Myths
Some of the common myths about Omaha poker concepts

Pot Limit Omaha Hi Lo
Three key concepts about PLO8

Pot Limit Omaha High Only
Some ideas about playing AAxx

Omaha Holdem vs. Texas Holdem
Comparing Limit Texas to Limit Omaha High Low

Omaha Online
Weak-tight online Omaha HiLo games

Omaha Point Count Systems
Frank Bowen's defense of a point count system, in response to Introduction to Omaha High Low Strategy article above

Poker Sharing
Cooperative betting, especially in High Low games

Omaha Discussion Threads
RGP posts discussing specific hands and situations, as well as strategy tips including Omaha starting hands and post flop play

Omaha Poker Rules
Some twists on top of basic Texas Holdem, also see Pokerstars Omaha rules Poker