Poker Strategy - Online Poker Guide Translations

German: Poker Anleitung Online-Poker-Strategie

French: Stratégie du poker Le Poker Online

Italian: Strategia del Poker Poker in Internet

Dutch: Poker Strategie Online Poker Strategie

Portuguese: Estratégia Poker Guia de Poker Online

Spanish: Estrategia de Poker Guía del Póker

Finnish: Pokeristrategia Nettipokeri

Swedish: Spela Vinnande Poker Onlinepoker - strategi

Polish: Strategia poker online

Danish: Online Poker-strategi

Norwegian: Sånn vinner du i online poker

Japanese: ポーカー

Greek: Οδηγός Διαδικτυακού Πόκερ

Russian: Руководство по игре в покер онлайн

Since first being published online in 2000, well over ten million people have read something on this site, including the Winner's Guide to Online Poker. (Happily, millions of our opponents have not!)

Way back then there were a few poker strategy websites, but the Winner's Guide was the first document offering online poker-specific playing strategy tips, dealing with its numerous differences from playing poker in a real-world casino. Today there are many strategy sites, some quite good, while others are not worth much. More significantly than that though, poker has become a truly international, multilingual game.

The Winner's Guide has been available in fifteen languages for many years, making it easier for native speakers of those languages to navigate through the mostly-English language online cardrooms. More recently, a larger selection of strategy articles have been translated by professional translators into seven languages in addition to English. These articles cover most of the basic winning poker concepts, as well as more specific recommendations regarding Texas Holdem and Omaha. While in contrast to the hundreds of English articles only about 30 have been translated into German for example, there still should be enough in each language to give a thoughtful player a good start.