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How To Play Poker

Learning To Play Poker aims to help players learn to win at poker, but before you can win at poker, you need to learn how to play poker! But poker isn't some sort of widget that comes with easy to assemble instructions. There are a many types of games with different rules (and strategies). There are even different betting structures (like Limit versus No Limit) and different game formats (like normal "ring" games versus tournaments).

Here are a variety of links to pages on this site that deal with the basics, from game rules to hand rankings to basic strategies. After a bit of reading, these days the best way to learn how to play poker is by playing the free poker games at an online cardroom -- or even just watching others play. It's very simple to do, you download the software, sign up (doesn't cost anything unless you eventually play for real money) then click one of the active tables and watch how the game moves and how poker hands are played. If you want to play, click an open seat on a free-play table and start playing. The learning process is greatly accelerated, and you don't need to rely on friends to put together a game. Online there are always games to play or watch. Naturally free games are wilder and somewhat unrealistic compared to money games, but in terms of offering a way to learn the fundamentals, nothing else in history compares.

Poker Hand Rankings
List hands from best to worst; the basic of the basics
Poker Games
Descriptions of the main poker variations

Robert's Rules of Poker
Bob Ciaffone's exhaustive rules for card room poker games
Poker Terms
Definitions of poker's specialized terminology

Texas Hold'em Rules
Specific game rules
Texas Hold'em Strategy
Numerous articles focusing on Holdem strategy
Texas Holdem Basics
Some fundamental principles on how to play and win

Free Poker

Introduction to Omaha Poker Strategy
Covers the key strategies that few people master
Omaha Myths
Debunks some common myths about the game
Pot Limit Omaha High
Introductory game strategy
Pot Limit Omaha HiLo
Three key concepts
Omaha Holdem Rules
Mostly the same as Texas Holdem with one exception

Winner's Guide to Online Poker
The strategic differences between playing online and in a brick and mortar casino
Is Online Poker Legal?
Not a definitive answer, but valuable information
Learn How to Play Poker
Poker Skills
A look at skillful ways to improve your game

Poker Psychology
Poker is a brain game

Poker Tournament Rules
Differences between tournaments and ring games
Poker Tournament Strategy
Articles focused on tournament strategy, as well as an explanation of tournament structures like shootouts

Poker Tells
The body language of poker
Online Poker Tells
The language of online poker
Hiding Poker Tells
Concealing your own tells from opponents
Reading Opponents
Breaking the coded messages opponents convey

Other Game Rules
Stud and Stud High-Low, Pineapple, Lowball, Draw, Razz

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